The project
Canal Citoyen, which took place on Saturday November 26, 2016, is a participatory project aimed at encouraging encounters, exchanges and discussions among citizens in order to generate innovative ideas and make recommendations on the fight against social exclusion. All the citizens’ recommendations were addressed to the political and associative representatives present that day. The aim was to create an campaign for which locals would feel concerned. The Visual Identity of Canal Citoyen needed to reflect diversity, urban, dynamic and multicultural values.
Having images of the Canal and neighbourhood is a way of catching the eye of locals. By recognising a familiar space, they not only feel identified and concerned, but also will call them to read and put some interest in the visual. The logo needed to be simple and I wanted to use the element of the flow of the water as a symbol of change, positive and dynamic environment. The choice of electric blue and yellow seemed obvious to me to transmit an urban, vibrant and light athmosphere.
After working on the visual identity and creating a "Project Guildelines" document (wich was distributed to web designers and other colaborators), I designed the poster and a catchy animated call to participation for social media.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Phostoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere