The Company

Royal Caribbean International is the largest Cruise Company in the world. It was founded in Norway and is now based in Miami, Florida. Royal Caribbean owns sister brands: Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Cruises and Pullmantur. The Barcelona office works for the French and Spanish markets on 3 of the brands of the group: Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises.

The experience

I started working as a In House Graphic Designer at Royal Caribbean International in September 2013 participating in to both trade and direct consumer activities for the marketing department for French and Spanish markets.

Day-to-day tasks consisted in the analysis of the different needs of the department and in the production of marketing collateral, newsletters and a variety of web material for both markets.

I feel I grew as a graphic designer during my 3 years experience in the company. Not only I improved my technical skills but had the opportunity to live the change in user experience habits. Over the years, communication tools have evolved and the whole marketing department had to continuously adapt and find new ways of creating attractif assets.

Over the years, there has been a greater focus of digital means of communication and my interest has definitely grown towards this path. However, the fact that printed assets have been reduced makes each flyer, catalogue or brochure, a even more valuable element.

I was also able to grow as a professional, adapting to changes, dealing with conflictive situations and developing my coordination and organisation skills. In November 2016, I received a Captain Award, recognising the effort I had put in a particularly busy trimester and my proactive attitude.

I left the company in December 2016 to become a Freelance Graphic Designer


Campaign Visual Identity: Working directly with marketing executives, I was to define campaign images and/or create campaign icons and visuals. Each brand of the group owns very strong brand guidelines which evolve with time. The challenge was to respect these guidelines while inventing fresh and innovative visuals for each new campaign.

Trade and Consumers websites for both markets and brands (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises) are updated on a daily basis. Working closely with the Web Production team, images, banners, bucket buttons needed to be created to match the current campaigns.


Small videos or animated content started to become a priority for the marketing department. With the available resources (only mainly static images), we started creating short videos as a supplement for web and newsletters.


An average of 2 trade newsletters / brand and language were sent every week. This allowed me to word with basic HTML language. In 2015, the company found an agreement and started to work with Exact Target Sales Force Marketing Cloud platform.


Sales Visual material are continuously created (even though the amount was reduced with the years) for the Sales Team to distribute to Travel agencies in France and Spain. Flyers and posters (z-folds, tri-folds, bi-folds, etc…) are created for short term promotions or product pushes. The In house Studio takes in charge the design and lay out of the Anual Catalogue for Celebrity Cruises for both markets. Adverts for newspapers, magazines and specialised partner travel catalogues are also created.


Royal Caribbean takes part in many events through out France and Spain. Wall Displays are created for each fair, while rollups, hanging banners are created for several events. Furthermore, Royal Caribbean provides displays and wall decoration for partner travel agencies.