2003 – present. Ongoing personal Project

Back in 2003, after a trekking trip in the French Alps, I realised how the states of mind gone through while climbing a mountain could be similar to those of overcoming everyday life obstacles. Reaching a goal, whatever the kind (physical, mental, professional, personal) requires a process.

I came up with 7 states of mind, 7 steps in the process of reaching a goal. These are established from personal experience. They aren’t scientifically proven and obviously vary from one person to another but also from one situation to another.

7 STEPS – Artist Book – Linocut Print

After a first edition in 2003, this improved edition, has a classical concertina structure. Unfolding the pages one by one illustrates the concept of the process or path being divided in different steps. The mountain image was inspired by one of the treks done back in 2003.

Year: 2013

Technique: Linocut printing + machine stitched for red path. Fabric cover with linocut printed mountain motive.

Dimensions: 9,5 x 15,5cm (closed)

7 STEPS – Pocket Edition

As amulets, each book is small enough to be slipped into your pocket, or to stand discreetly on a shelf…but strong enough for the content to make its effect.

How many small mountains do you climb every day?

Year: 2014

Technique: Concertina Structure. Rubber stamped by hand on Khadi paper. Cover: Nepali paper.

Dimensions: 2,2cm x 2,2cm (closed)