End of Postgraduate Degree Project
DPS, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Hype Tumult, Photography
BookArt is a digital publication about artist books. The aim of the publication is to offer professional or amateur artists, art collectors or artist book passionates an analysis of the contemporary artist book world and trends. BookArt wants to promote the artist book as a trendy and dynamic form of art by highlighting the creators, transmitting their ideas, trajectory and multidisciplinary skills.
It contains descriptions and step-by-step tutorials of contemporary and traditional bookbinding structures as well as practical information about the fairs and conferences around the world. Each issue will offer a showcase of the work of contemporary artist book creators. This publication was developed for iPad users. The reader will be able to enjoy the content during leisure moments but also will be able to follow the step-by-step tutorials and other practical information by having the iPad in working areas.
interactive animations / high quality 360º photography / digital experiences inspired from natural movements / inherited gestures from childhood reading experiences This project was developed during my postgraduate course at Bau in Barcelona. It was created using the DPS plugin for Adobe Indesign. Animations were developed using Hype Tummult and Adobe Edge programs.