2016 / client: Particitiz / Visual Identity

Context: “Canal Citoyen” was an event that took place on Saturday November 26, 2016. It was a participatory project aimed to encourage encounters, exchanges and discussions among citizens in order to generate innovative ideas and make recommendations on the fight against social exclusion. All the citizens’ recommendations were addressed to the political and associative representatives present that day. In order to get the local population to take part of this project, a call-to-participate campaign needed to be set up.

Visual identity: The canal is the emblematic spot of the neighbourhood. It is also a symbol of flow, movement and connection. The neighbourhood, at the heart of the Brussels and by the canal, was historically a strategical area for industry. Nowadays, it is a blend urban feel and multicultural warmth. These are the elements I based the Visual Identity on using black and white photography, geometrical shapes and bright colours.

Content created: Animated and Static logos, Brand Guidelines Guide, Art direction for Website, Poster Design, Dynamic Social Media posts.