Content Creation for the German market

2020 / Royal Caribbean International / Position: Creative Manager (Art & Creative Direction, Production management during shooting)

Context: The DACH Market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is the second biggest cruise market in the world. However, Royal Caribbean’s brand awareness is low, mainly due to strong local competitors. Objective: The objective of this content production was to increase the perceived value of the product, show that Royal Caribbean is a very valuable family vacation option and fight cruising myths, and more specifically myths generated from Royal Caribbean being a North American brand. Strategy: All Brand content is usually produced by the headquarters in Miami and translated for all other international markets. Working with existing footage didn’t allow us to build credible storytelling with a longer shelve life. In order to engage with the audience, it was important to produce content  which our European prospects would feel identified to -by for example-  slowing down the pace of the video, focusing on activities and moments which Germans are after (basing ourselves on an recent Insight Research).

Collaboration with Black Box Production
Shooting: October 2019, Symphony of the Seas, Caribbean route departing from Miami
*All videos and images are property of Royal Caribbean International ltd




A German family shares their recipe for The Perfect Holiday, a recipe where no ingredients need to be left out, a holiday where no concessions need to be made to fulfil all members of the family.
Insight research with “New to Cruise” families, showed that their main motivations are “to try new things”, “spend more time together” and “discover new places”. Royal Caribbean has all of these and offers a whole range of possibilities. However, our German prospects have preconceived ideas of cruises being boring, for elderly people and expensive, essentially because national brand’s target is very different to Royal Caribbean’s.  The objective of this piece is to demonstrate in a 60″ and 30″ video how Royal Caribbean is a great family option.
On a visual point of view, like all videos of this project, it was important it was shot with high quality cinema camera to create an realistic feel. Actors were not given a fixed script in order to catch a natural vibe. All graphic elements were create in-house.
Available in 30” and 60”.Formats: 16:9 and 1:1



This is the story of a couple that is reminded thanks to its experience on board, how good their decision to be together was…just as good as the one to have chosen Royal Caribbean for their vacation.
Couples are more flexible when it comes to the moment of the year they take their vacation. They tend to prefer travelling outside of school holiday periods and create a slightly different atmosphere on board. It was important to create an intimate bubble around the couple using close ups and textures. The voice over takes us into their thoughts, a way of engaging more deeply with the audience.
This video was launched on the 14th of February 2020.
Available 60″ with and without German subtitles. Formats: 16:9 and 1:1



A family embarks and realises that all the preconceived ideas they had were wrong. The last myth being “You only cruise once in your life”, they remember their week on board and the only thing they can think of is where and on which ship they will be able to cruise next.
The objective of this piece was to have more than a one-off impact. We wanted to create a story which could be followed through out a longer period of time and which viewers could recognise. The myths were chosen thanks to “New to Cruise” and “New to Brand” Insight researches as well as studying past guests comments.
We needed the images to deconstruct the myth explained in the first seconds. Graphically, we decided to go for very straight forward resources.
Formats: 16:9 and 1:1

Aren’t there many
extra costs on board?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
All these activities and much more are included in the basic price of the cruise

Cruises aren’t for children,
are they?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
It is an experience for all members of the family

Don’t you always eat
the same thing on cruises?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
Royal Caribbean offers a huge culinary variety

There is never time for two,
is there?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
There are possibilities for all

You hardly have any
time on land, don’t you?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
You can relax all day on Royal Caribbean’s private destinations

Aren’t cruise
ships cramped?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
With Royal Caribbean, everyone has their space

A cruise in a lifetime is enough,
isn’t it?

-Not with Royal Caribbean-
Royal Caribbean is as diverse as our destinations



Royal Caribbean’s trade partners, and more specifically, the travel agents are the most valuable ambassadors of the brand on the field. In order to be experts and recommend the product over other competitors’, its important to have engaging and informative content created just for them.
Our main actor being no less than the Head of Retail for the DACH market, allowed us to reinforce our relationship with the trade and making them feel special by giving them “behind the scene” tips. Little details which make the product so special and which will give our travel agents opportunities to elevate the perceived value of the brand.
These videos were designed for B2B communication only
Formats: 16:9
Free water, limonade, te and coffee
is available on board all day long
Booking your next cruise
on board is much cheaper
There are loads of places
on board to relax or escape crowds
Reserve your space before the shows
and get the best seats
German on board. Yes there is!