Nature vs City

Do you ever ask yourself what kind of relationship Nature and City have? I imagine them in constant battle, trying to gain territory over each other. These 3 books tell a different story each time you open them…depending on the season it is, if you are sitting in an armchair by the fireplace or on a packed train, if you are feeling happy, bored, stressed or just neutral. This is because Nature and City do share one thing: Movement!
Book Structure
Carousel / Star Book. This structure allowed me to work with layers, creating windows and breaking up the space. Depending on how the book is held, the light and moment, certain elements and shapes appear and disappear.
Paint and mixed media on paper. The work process has an important role in my work. Instead of printing the pattern or creating it digitaly, it was important to me to draw it by hand, taking the time it needed to create that layer, connecting with natural pace and being aware of the growth of the image.
50x50mm (closed)