Early Booking Campaign Spain – France – Italy:
“Solo Pensarlo, Emociona…”

2019 / Royal Caribbean International / Position: Creative Manager (Art/creative Direction)
Concept: September is the month “normal life” settles back in  homes and post-vacational blues takes over. What kind of emotion do you get when you think about your holidays? The campaign connects emotions one can have just by thinking of their past holidays… a way of encouraging them to think about their next experience.
Objective: Increase early bookings sales for 2020 cruises as well as Brand Awareness.
Art Direction: As an international corporation, 2 challenges need to be worked around when creating new content and materials: 1) All production is managed by the Miami headquarters which means all videos need to be created from existing footage. 2) Strict Brand guidelines need to be respected which tend to make all materials look similar through out time. The solution found to work around these challenges was to work with strong transitions and visual graphic elements, using the colour palette the guideline offers.
All videos and images are owned by Royal Caribbean International ltd