The project
“We are Molenbeek” is a deliberative project of the Municipality of Molenbeek, organized by PARTICITIZ, which brought together 100 randomly selected Molenbeek citizens to discuss radicalism and social cohesion in the neighborhood of Molenbeek. On 18 March 2017 more than a hundred citizens, randomly selected, debated among themselves a whole day in order to formulate proposals to be implemented in the municipality of Molenbeek. These proposals were forwarded to the the Municipal Council for debate, as well as to the Youth Council of Molenbeek, in order to continue this new form of dialogue between the Municipality and its citizens.
The geographical shape of the Municipality of Molenbeek used for the logo was a way of transmitting the idea of identity. This small bit of land is a place to live, to act and to reconstruct. The pink color was imposed as it is the color used in the Municipality logo. Combining it with black and white background images gives a feel of nostalgia for the elderly who are invited to bring their knowledge and ideas but it also transmits a urban vibe which the younger populations can identify to. This logo was meant to attract the local population but also needed to match the Municipality of Molenbeek’s visual identity.
After working on the visual identity and creating a "Project Guidelines" document (which was distributed to web designers and other collaborators), I designed and did the lay-out of the conference booklet. I also brought my ideas for the decoration of the conference room and prepared the files to send to the printers: Hanging banners (Using images of locals taken by an NGO).
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Phostoshop, Adobe Indesign