Private Client
Salomé & Dionysios wanted their wedding to reflect their personalities as well as their history as a couple. They carefully chose the wedding location and the venue. A friends restaurant on the island of Zakinthos. An outdoor venue on one of the most virgin island of Greece. Travel lovers themselves, it wasn’t a coincidence that most of their guests were actually going to be coming from abroad and staying on before or after the wedding day. They were obviously thrilled family and friends were going to travel thousands of kilometres for some of them to attend and share this day with them. They felt they needed strong communication assets for the wedding event but also wanted to give tips and recommendations for the guests staying on. We first worked on a general Look & Feel which we would apply on different visuals. These are the words which came out of our brainstorming: Simple -Straight-forward - Laid-back- Trendy – Personal
Save the Date Email
A header and footer for their email. It needed to be Simple, fresh and straight forward. The combination of vectorial elements and hand drawn details transmits a sense of freshness and established personality.
LetterPress Printed Invitation
Bride and groom have a great interest in arts and culture and are craft and handmade work sensitive. I proposed to use the LetterPress technique for the printing which would give volume to the invitation. An extra touch which transmits a dynamic and personal feel. Due to a low budget we decided to work with one color only. As the card needed to be bilingual, I opted for iconagraphical way of communication, trying to limit the amount of text.
OnePage Website
Guests needed to be able to find on this website all the information for the D day but also tips and recommendations for their stay on Zakinthos Island. It needed to be simple and responsive as most of guests would be travelling with smartphones or iPads. I went for a single page wordpress template for an easy and straightforward scroll-down user experience. The website needed to transmit the joy and excitement towards such a happy event. The Header Slider was a way of telling a bit of the couple’s story, the photo editing and the graphic elements transmit this alternative and humouristic characteristics which identify the couple! The icons, colours and section images match with the general guidelines.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Wordpress, Illustration