SG 30

SG 30 Year 2015 concept The objective of this book was to tell the story of a friendship within 30 pages. I wanted to trigger some memories and stories of shared experiences just with a word and some patterns. I didn’t want to imposemy perception of the moment and intended to leave space for my… Read More

7 Steps

7 STEPS 2003 - present. Ongoing personal Project Back in 2003, after a trekking trip in the French Alps, I realised how the states of mind gone through while climbing a mountain could be similar to those of overcoming everyday life obstacles. Reaching a goal, whatever the kind (physical, mental, professional, personal) requires a process.… Read More

Nature vs City

Nature vs City Year 2014 Concept Do you ever ask yourself what kind of relationship Nature and City have? I imagine them in constant battle, trying to gain territory over each other. These 3 books tell a different story each time you open them…depending on the season it is, if you are sitting in an… Read More

Impulso Natural

Impulso Natural year 2015 Concept This book was made especially to present at the Masquelibros competition in 2015 which the theme was "Ferocity". "Ferocity" is for me a animal and innate state in which one can act in an impulsive, primitive, brutal but also natural way. I used different techniques to create textures which can represent… Read More