Canal Citoyen

2016 / Particitiz / Position: Freelance Brand Designer Context: “Canal Citoyen” was an event that took place on Saturday November 26, 2016. It was a participatory project aimed to encourage encounters, exchanges and discussions among citizens in order to generate innovative ideas and make recommendations on the fight against social exclusion. All the citizens’ recommendations… Read More

Wedding Visuals

2015 / Salomé & Dionysios / Brussels / Art&Creative Direction - Graphic Design - WebDesign The project: Salomé and Dionysios wanted their wedding to reflect their personalities as well as their history as a couple. They carefully chose the wedding location and the venue. A friends restaurant on the island of Zakinthos. An outdoor venue… Read More

WAM 1080

YEAR 2017 CLIENT Particitiz Asbl, Brussels The project “We are Molenbeek” is a deliberative project of the Municipality of Molenbeek, organized by PARTICITIZ, which brought together 100 randomly selected Molenbeek citizens to discuss radicalism and social cohesion in the neighborhood of Molenbeek. On 18 March 2017 more than a hundred citizens, randomly selected, debated among… Read More